What it is

Gluttony is an inordinate desire to consume more than that which one requires.

Why you do it

Because you were weaned improperly as an infant.

Your punishment in Hell will be

You’ll be force-fed rats, toads, and snakes.


Nineteenth-century Russian Bishop Ignatius Brianchaninov said of Gluttony:

If you please and pamper your stomach, you will hurl yourself over the precipice of bodily impurity, into the fire of wrath and fury, you will coarsen and darken your mind, and in this way you will ruin your powers of attention and self-control, your sobriety and vigilance.

In the Summa Theologiae, medieval theologian Thomas Aquinas said of Gluttony: “Gluttony denotes, not any desire of eating and drinking, but an inordinate desire… leaving the order of reason, wherein the good of moral virtue consists.” (2, 148, ad 1)

Devils, Demons, and Witchcraft says those who commit the Sin of Gluttony are punished in Hell by being forced to eat rats, toads, and snakes.